Bodybuilding focuses on body proportions and muscle development. Basically arm size should be the same as calf size. Chest size should be 120% of average sizes of hips and waist. Thigh size should be 150% of calf size. Same like in regular workouts you should divide your body into parts, which are FA - front arms, BA - back arms, FT - front thighs, BT - back thighs, UB - upper back, LB - lower back, SH - shoulders, AB - abs, CH - chest, CA - calves.

Black/white training plan

The most basic bodybuilding training type is black/white. Main goal of this type of training is to develop muscle strength and endurance. It divides body into two major parts which are supposed to be trained on different days. Black/white training is actually optimal for most people and you do not have to change it for more advanced training, if you feel that it works well enough on your body. However, if you want to upgrade your training, then remember that black/white training should last at least for 6 months and should contain 3-4 workouts per week. Main rules of this training are:

Example of black/white training:

Black plan:

White plan:

Tips for training:

Advanced training plan

Advanced training is mainly for professional bodybuilders, but after passing previous workout and basic bodybuilding training periods you can try it. This training plan is supposed to activate each muscle group once a week. Important change is that it introduces macro cycles which should be executed one after another.

1) Rest cycle:

2) Endurance cycle:

3) Strength cycle:

4) Mass cycle:

5) Burn cycle:

Example of 4 workouts per week plan:


2) FT/BT


4) AB/CA

Example of 5 workouts per week plan:

1) FT/BT

2) CH/BA

3) FA/LB

4) UB/SH

5) AB/CA