If you want to construct optimal diet for your goals, you should follow these steps (let's assume than one is a man, weights 90kg, consumes 21000 kcal per week, wants to reduce his weight and wants to train regularly (3 times a week)):

Once you have desired amount of proteins fat and carbohydrates you can create your diet. Grams which you have obtained should be consumed taking into account info from proteins, fat and carbohydrates sections. In most cases you should divide your daily consumption into 5 more or less equal meals (ectomorph should eat 3) where the last meal should contain same amount of proteins and fat as others but should not contain any carbohydrates. Remember also that after each workout your body absorbs proteins very easily for 1-2 hours so it might be good idea to shift proteins from meal before workout to meal after workout. Keep the diet at least for 2 weeks before judging if it works or not. If the diet does not work you can change it again according to the rules above [in our case 2400kcal is too much then I calculate GC = 80% * 2400 which gives GC = 1920kcal]. See also tips section where you can find additional products and info.


Proteins are crucial for muscle regeneration and for almost every aspect of physiology. Lack of proteins leads to decrease of growth, decrease of regeneration capabilities, decrease of muscle strength, blood coagulation disorders and depression. Overdose of proteins leads to acidification of body and may result in kidney and liver issues that is why you should consume alkalizes (see tips section). You should consume proteins from the following sources:

Dairy products are especially good for supper as they are rich in casein which is digested slowly. Grilled products are not good as fat which is removed from products returns to them in the form of trans fat which is very unhealthy (trans fat may cause cancer). Remember to include fat from products above in total fat calculation.


Fat is crucial for women hormonal processes and is perfect source of energy. Fat is also needed in storing A, D, E, K vitamins. Lack of fat leads to hormonal issues and A, D, E, K vitamins absorption disorders. Overdose of fat leads to obesity, blood circulation disorders, nervous system disorders, pimples, sight problems. You should consume fat from the following sources:

Do not fry on olive oil as it transforms to trans fat in quite low temperature (only 210 Celsius). Remember to include proteins from products above in total proteins calculation. Remember to include fat from products from proteins section (pork, eggs, cheese) in total fat calculation.


Carbohydrates are main source of energy and are important for joints health. Lack of carbohydrates leads to decrease of strength and if combined with lack of fat leads to getting energy from proteins which results in muscle damages. Overdose of carbohydrates leads to diabetes (which may result in death), decay of teeth and obesity as it helps in absorption of fat (also not used carbohydrates are stored for later needs in form of fat). You should consume carbohydrates from the following sources:

GI is percent rise in one's blood sugar level measured 120 minutes after consumption of 50 grams of the particular product. Avoid white bread as it usually has high GI.


Simple but not as precise as described in diet section method for calculation of needed energy is described below. Basic metabolism energy (BME) can be calculated from the formula BME = BM * 24. If you have office job multiply BME by 1,4. If you have physical job multiply BME by 2. Remember that big muscle mass, low environment temperature, high proteins supply, hyperthyroidism increases BME while malnutrition, hypothyroidism decreases BME. Each activity with 120-160(HR heart rate) burns approximately 600kcal per hour so add all such workouts to your result. For instance 90kg man with office job who trains roughly 3 times a week for an hour (so average is 25 minutes a day) will have 90*24*1,4+250=3274kcal. As you can see result is similar but not very accurate.

Vitamins and minerals can be found in most products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, groats, seeds and nuts. These are the most important vitamins and minerlas

Good antioxidant (oxidants damage DNA, nervous system and may cause cancer) product are tomato, broccoli, carrot, orange, lemon, pepper, cauliflower, plants oil, sunflower seeds, nuts, almonds. Products which prevent acidification are beetroot, lemon, carrot, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, onion.Products which help burn fat are nettle, green tea, red grapefruit, horsetail, spicy seasoning, water with lemon in the morning, ginger, cinnamon, wild rose. Products which may interact with medicine (be careful including them into diet) are smoked food, grilled meat, old fruits, liver, cheese, avocado.

Do not eat following combinations: