Lukasz Tecza - PHP Developer

I have gained experience as a full stack developer working on various projects which utilized agile development methods. Thanks to that I had an opportunity to develop skills in different technologies such as PHP, Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Doctrine, Propel, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, React, JSON, HTML, CSS, SASS, Twig, Smarty, Handlebars, Bootstrap, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Vagrant, Docker, Swarm, RabbitMQ, Memchached, Redis, Apache, Nginx, Google Cloud. Visit projects section for details of my working experience or go to documents section to download my resume.


Projects I have worked on:

Company Project Start date End date
2687715 Ontario Limited Ihookup May 2019 Current
Parka Loadedcash November 2016 May 2019
Neogen Ceevee December 2015 September 2016
Neogen Zumzi July 2015 November 2015
Neogen Kolektiva June 2015 November 2015